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Author: Abby Chinery published:
Nov 22nd 2018
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Oct 29th 2020
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3 Quick Ways to Find Brand Mentions

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Are you struggling to find brand mentions online? We know it can be difficult. According to Internet Live Stats, every single second over 64,000 GB of traffic is added to the internet. However, there are quick tools to prevent you from missing out on these valuable brand mentions!

1) Take advantage of Google search commands

Google gives you easy access to digital public relations tools. It enables you to insert simple site commands to find links and key phrases from your PR. Have you ever used google for a simple search, yet found lots of irrelevant results?

The following google search commands help avoid that situation and save you time when tracking your Google mentions:

1. Using quotation marks will enable you to find the exact phrase from your PR campaign. For example, imagine you own a florist shop called In Bloom. You could search the company name “In Bloom” into your google search bar, this will ensure your all of your results include your brand name.



2. Link:www.inbloom.com/blog shows websites which have linked to your page. Of course, swap out our florist example for your website. Monitoring brand mentions which link to your page should be an essential aspect of your SEO strategy or the campaign being run by your SEO agency. As such, this google search command is a good one to remember.


3. Typing ‘Site:bbc.co.uk "In Bloom"’ will narrow down your search to find all of your brand mentions within the BBC website. For example, if you saw that a journalist from BBC read your PR email. You can then search BBC to see if they used your PR. This is a helpful way to monitor press mentions.


4. You can also use ‘Inurl:blog In Bloom’ to find bloggers who have mentioned you. Perhaps, you want to track mentions of your brand from domains with high authority? If so, replace the word blog for gov or edu. Keep in mind, you can also filter your searches by time or location.


5. There is another way to tap into the conversation surrounding your brand. Simply search your brand name, followed by ‘- site:inbloom.com.’ Of course, you will need to exclude your own website and social media pages. Just add, ‘-site:’ followed by your social media websites to find media mentions.


For example, to exclude your own Twitter, you would type ‘-site:twitter.com/inbloom’ to your search to find social media mentions. Or alternatively, to remove your facebook group you would insert ‘-site:facebook.com/groups/inbloom’. You can exclude as many sites as you wish.


2) Find brand mentions through BuzzSumo



Photo credit: Buzzsumo


How do you track media mentions through BuzzSumo?

  1. Create an account with BuzzSumo

  2. Click on ‘content research’ on the top left-hand side

  3. Click on ‘backlinks’ from the pull-out tab

  4. Type in the URL you want to track


BuzzSumo will be a useful tool to track media mentions. On the left, there is a list of websites that have linked to your PR. On the right, you will see the total engagements which are broken down by the medium. For example, you can track the number of links. You can also view social media engagements produced from these links.


3) Create a Google alert

Another way to track Google mentions is to set up some Google alerts. Google alerts are particularly useful as for tracking unlinked (unfollow) brand mentions, though results for follow-mentions will also appear.

In this example, imagine that the florist carried out a PR stunt by providing flowers free of charge for a homeless couple on their wedding day. The florist, In Bloom, can then set up a Google alert to monitor their brand mentions online.

You can set up alerts for your brand name as well as specific campaigns. You can include phrases or even sentences from your press release as journalists frequently copy and paste these quotes directly into their articles.




How to set up Google alerts to track mentions of my brand?

Using Google Alerts is easy. Start by inserting the following link into your browser: https://www.google.co.uk/alerts. Once you are on the web page, fill out the form with your brand name or a specific phrase from a campaign. Then, narrow down your search to indicate the frequency of your Google emails. You will also need to determine the type of alerts. For example, blogs or news stories.

Implement these 3 tools to effectively track brand mentions

Remember, Google is your best friend. You can set up email alerts regarding your brand and use google search commands to track brand mentions yourself. Equally, BuzzSumo can be an effective way to find brand mentions, online and through social media. Use a combination of all three tools for the best results!


Featured Image Photo: Rvlsoft / Shutterstock

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