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Many would have you believe SEO to be some form of black magic. Voodoo even. In reality nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, years of observing, testing and probing search engine behaviour does give us a certain skill and ability which can look like finesse or even a form of art to an outsider but really its nothing but the employment of our accumulated vast experience for the good of your business. Like most things in life, it is something that can be taught to anyone who has an interest in the subject, and, I believe that is where we stand out. The whole team here have a genuine passion and flair for all things SEO. We get a thrill in seeing our work culminate in actual results for your business. We get an even bigger pleasure in calling our clients to inform them of the progress they are making. But the greatest thrill of all is when a customer calls us to tell us the difference our online marketing services have made to his or her business. So, yes, everyone can dabble in search engine optimisation, but you really need to enjoy, even love, SEO to study and continuously keep up to date with it.

Where we differ from many other SEO companies is the way we approach problems. In most cases, SEO companies will have a set of generic procedures that they will follow for all of their clients. Whether the client is a cleaning services business or a furniture retailer, the SEO Company will employ exactly the same tactics and procedures. Here at Reboot, we build a completely unique list of procedures for each customer depending on their individual needs, goals and expectations. This is one reason why we do not publish fixed price list. One example of this approach can be seen in the way we build links. Most website marketing companies will present you with a fixed price list for the links they will build. Whether they are directory, article or spammy comment links. As we do not use these unethical methods to build links, our approach is much more imaginative and creative. We create such great content on your site making other site owners WANT to link to your site. You don’t pay for each link, you pay for our ideas and experience in what content produces the best results in what is called link baiting or link earning. These methods not only produce many more links, they are of a much higher quality and therefore completely safe from any algorithm changes that Google or other search engines might make to exclude sites that employ spammy SEO tactics.

When it comes to changes to your website, we do not use keyword stuffing, automated linking software or other frowned upon methods of on page SEO. What we do is help you improve your site so that your customers and visitors will want to spend more time on your site. We have found that this is one of the best on page methods of improving your search engine rankings. After all, what better signal to a search engine can there be than visitors spending a good amount of time on your website, flicking through many pages and even returning to your site frequently? So, if you would like us to use our flair, experience and passion for SEO on your business and see some consistent, permanent and business changing results simply contact us by phone or e-mail.

I have seen SEO Services for £300/month. Why are you more expensive?

This is a good question. Historically, cheap SEO worked. All you needed was a little general knowledge and you could rank sites quite easily and without too much effort. Just by spending an hour or so per week, you could visit some SEO related forums, pick some automated services such as Directory submissions, forum links or article and Press Release distribution and before you know it, your site has some decent traffic. Those days are over. Google has developed some of the most sophisticated, learning algorithms known to man; all searching for signs that a webmaster is attempting to ‘game the system’. It has a wide range of penalties available in its arsenal to dish out for every possible infringement of its quality guidelines. At an ever increasing regularity, it’s certainly dishing these penalties out.  

Here at Reboot, we specialise in penalty recoveries so we see the devastation these type of penalties cause to companies on an almost daily basis.  It is sad to say that most other SEO companies choose to ignore the writing on the wall and they negligently refrain from informing the potential client of the dangers. In some cases, they actually believe they will not get caught.  Eventually, they all do. If your aim is to build a leading, long lasting website and business, then those tactics no longer offer a sustainable model for success. 

Obviously, there are still companies offering such unethical and damn right dangerous tactics. In fact, in a recent study we carried out, we found that 56% of companies blatantly admit to carrying such tactics. What they don’t tell you the level of risk and the devastating results the impending penalty will have on your business.  Well, those are exactly the type of link building you receive with those companies. I would argue that unless you can budget for good quality SEO, you should avoid it altogether until such a time that you can. 

We are more expensive purely because the quality of our work and the amount of time and resources needed to accomplish that work. More on the a little further down.

Ok, but if I’m going to pay that much, isn’t it just best if I pay for an in-house dedicated SEO person?

You can read a little more about the advantages of hiring an online marketing company to carry out SEO services for you vs one dedicated person here but in essence, its no longer feasible to have one or two people carry out your SEO services. Why? Let me explain: Links. Still one of the dominant forces in determine how well your site ranks. However, not just any links. Good quality, authoritative, editorially given links. No directories, no bookmarks, no link farms. In short, only quality links will do. 

Ok, so how do you get those links? 

Well, you earn them. Yes, it’s no longer link building, but link earning. You create content that is so informative, so original, so referable, so vibrant that people actively link to it. This is not something that is achievable by one or two people. You need a team behind you. As a minimum, you will need an expert researcher, journalistic level writer, intuitive and talented graphic designer to beautifully represent the data, someone to test it, an outreach expert to ensure the right people are aware of it and a ‘live and breathe’ social media native who will know how to get the best exposure for it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You need a good quality SEO company. A one man band just does not have the spectrum of skills required. 

SEO Guy Vs SEO Company

Yes, but I’m in a boring niche. What can we possible write about that will make things referable? 

We hear this all the time and its one of the biggest misconceptions out there. No matter how boring your area of expertise is, I guarantee you we will be able to find angles or subjects that will capture the imagination of related bloggers. It just takes some creativity and a brainstorming session or two. Before you know it, a cleaning company has a story go nationwide in many national and local high authoritative newspaper websites; A home selling company becomes the target of hundreds of high quality links after a revenge story we wrote goes viral and a stationary company that sells printing paper had one of our stories about stationary theft from the office go viral acquiring our client hundreds of links from places like Telegraph, BBC and Guardian.

Viral SEO Services Results

So what do you charge for your SEO services?

As you can imagine, we have an extremely wide range of clients. From the small local business with local low-medium level competition such as a local plumber for £500 - £750/month to the nationwide companies in some of the most competitive areas where budgets can range from £3000 – £10,000/month. It really depends on which aspect of SEO is most important we concentrate on and upon your own requirements. We try and help any budget but sometimes, if the expectations and budget are on differing ends of the scale, we do have to politely decline.

Ok, we are considering the full content marketing SEO service you offer, but would it not be better to invest the £3000+ retainer in monthly AdWords campaign?

No. for the following reasons.

  • Organic results are known to convert much better than PPC
  • Organic SEO will, with time, provide a much wider net of good rankings. With PPC, costs are likely to erode the selection of keywords you rank for with time due to raising competition and hence cost per click.
  • Seriously, who clicks on paid ads these days?

And if the above 3 were not enough, the absolute clincher is this. When you invest in quality SEO services such as content marketing for your website, you are investing IN YOUR WEBSITE. i.e. you are adding permanent content that will attract steady stream of links naturally for the life of the site. You are not paying for traffic, but you are paying for great content that will produce, and, hopefully keep producing great traffic. It is similar to the difference between renting and buying a house. If you stop doing any SEO, the good content, the foundations of your site, remains. If you spend £3000 every month on PPC and stop, you are left with nothing. In the long run, organic SEO is a no-brainer.



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