Our Team

It was not so long ago that search engine optimisation was a lonely craft. Most of the technical and offsite activities could be carried out by just one dedicated person. Over the years, as Google has tightened its grip on its own algorithms, it has become much more difficult to ‘fool’ Google into giving you a good rank in its all-important index. All of the old ways of mass link building and automation are now nothing but hindsight.

Back to today, and there are no longer ways to fool Google in any meaningful or sustainable way and many good quality SEO companies have had to evolve. Many have not. The fact of the matter is that today Online Marketing is increasingly merging with just plain old Marketing. The only real difference is the goal. The path is nearly identical.

Here at Reboot, we are extremely aware of the fact that a good Online Marketing campaign requires a unique combination of skills and personalities. A secret sauce that is constantly evolving, altered and then re-tested. We always endeavour to achieve this perfect balance of skills while ensuring constraints on team size are in place so as to enable us to keep the dynamism and manoeuvrability that the fast changing industry demands. 

If you would like to know a little more about the current crucial ingredients that make up Reboot Online Marketing Ltd, well, have a little look below. 


Name: Naomi Goonetilleke
Responsibilities: SEO, accounts, legal, copyright and administration


Background: Hi, as you already know, my name is Naomi and I am in charge of all of the day to day tasks for our client base. I cover pretty much everything, from copywriting to link baiting. I have been working for Reboot Online for over 13 years now. I was never really sure what I wanted to do and that inevitably resulted in me having two degrees. The first is a Bsc Hons in computing from Middlesex University and the second a PDGL (law degree) from The College of Law. I have never really seen myself fitting into the IT or solicitor mould and in my heart have always really wanted to work for myself. Along my journey I have also worked for a number of blue chip companies including Reuters and Cegedim. So, together in 2001 with Shai, we started Reboot Online and have been going from strength to strength. I tend to take care of the office tasks, some of the groundwork and initial study of any new clients. I also get my teeth into any domain, copyright or legal matters that need answering.


Name: Tamir Davies
Responsibilities: Team Leader, Content Writer, Outreach and Researcher.


Background: Hello, I’m Tamir and I work as a content writer and SEO outreach expert for Reboot Online. Graduating with a BA Hons in English Literature from The University of Birmingham, I immediately pursued my desire to work in editorial and journalism and worked at a variety of publishing houses such as Runwild Media, Illustrated London News and Hello Magazine. From writing, interviewing and commissioning features for monthly printed magazines, I knew my strength and expertise lay in writing. I am also a freelance blogger, writing about fashion, beauty and food and writing articles for other online magazines. I love nothing more than picking up a printed magazine as well as enjoying digital platforms as a new form of media. My love for writing brought me to Reboot Online in April this year and my main responsibilities are to write regular blog posts for a number of our clients, uploading content onto social media and connecting with other bloggers and publications to outreach content. I thoroughly enjoy learning about SEO and applying it to my work here at Reboot and my own personal endeavours as a blogger.  


Name: Leila Glen
Responsibilities: Content Writer, Outreach and Research


Background: Hi, my name is Leila and I work on content creation and outreach for Reboot Online. My main responsibilities include writing quality content for clients’ blogs and outreaching this content with a view to gaining links and driving traffic to clients’ websites. I graduated from City University London with a law degree, but chose to pursue my passion for writing therefore gained editorial experience at magazine titles such as Bauer Media’s ‘Heat’, Time Inc. UK’S ‘InStyle’ and Hearst Magazine’s ‘Women’s Health’ before joining Reboot in July 2015. I am delighted to be part of a company with such a high level of expertise in the highly competitive field of SEO.  


Name: Louis Cooper
Responsibilities: Content Writer, Outreach and Research


Background: Hi, I’m Louis and I am responsible for creating content for both clients and our website. I graduated with a BA in Marketing Management from De Montfort University in 2015 and started working for Reboot at the start of July shortly after. I undertook a placement year during my four years at university and worked in the communications department at SilverDoor, a serviced apartment agent located in London. This role focussed on a whole range of marketing activities as well as content writing. I also have completed a six week internship for a recruitment consultancy and various other content writing jobs. English was my favourite subject at school and I’ve always enjoyed writing, which after completing a degree in marketing showed me how I can apply my writing skills and ideas to content creation. My experience lead me to joining Reboot in 2015 as Content and Outreach Executive. Our specialist services in SEO coupled with content can help any business, so get in contact now.  


Name: Rachel Barton
Responsibilities: Content Writer, Outreach and Research

Background: Hi, I’m Rachel and I work as a content writer and SEO outreach expert for Reboot Online.
I’ve always enjoyed writing stories, performing poems and getting creative! In my younger years, I used to grab whatever I could find from napkins to receipts so I could scribble down my ideas. Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some highly innovative people including members of the scriptwriting team for the B.B.C programmes, Casualty and East Enders. During this time, some of my work was published.
After completing my English Literature degree at Loughborough University; I worked for a medical company in a marketing and PR role.
I decided to relocate after the birth of my son, and rekindled my love of literature working for Reboot Online.


Name: Kate Brownhill
Responsibilities: Penalty Recovery Expert, SEO, domain names, PR and analysis.


Background: Hi, unlike the others I am in front of the computer for the majority of the day. When you first call, you invariably will talk to Shai or Naomi initially however I tend to be the cogs and wheels person behind the scenes. I carry out all of the preliminary analysis and planning work, formulating a strategy which we then all work on together depending on the skills needed for each area. I have a background in PR and marketing; working for some high calibre companies including Pfizer, EDF Energy and Glenfiddich. My previous career involved a great deal of travelling around the world from New York to Scotland and when my first child came along I decided a needed a home based career in which I could utilise my talents. I was thrilled when I joined Reboot Online in 2005 and was able to juggle motherhood together with a career using my skills with a friendly team of like-minded people.


Name: Mike Lugar
Responsibilities: Web Design, Programing, Data Management, Server Administrator and SEO Assistant.


Background: Hi I’m Mike, for the past eleven years I have been developing and coding websites for clients. I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a focus in web development and information technology. I have strong expertise in HTML, CSS, PHP, and MYSQL. I also have a strong background in dedicated Linux Server Management and virtualizations. I have developed hundreds of websites from eCommerce to full web applications, and business informational websites. I enjoy the challenge of each and every new project I receive.


Name: Maxine Greaves
Responsibilities: Social Media Expert, Marketing, PR, Copywriting and content creation.



Background: Hi, my name is Maxine and I deal with the social media side of things. I support and facilitate all aspects of these essential everyday tools helping businesses maximise their potential. I have previously worked at companies such as Lombard Network Services and at AstraZeneca where I was a software help desk analyst. After a few years of staying at home looking after my family I was delighted to join Reboot Online working in this very interesting and competitive online sector. 


Name: Shai Aharony
Responsibilities: SEO Analysis, SEM and Link Building Campaigns


Background: Hi, my name is Shai and apart from being the best looking member of Reboot Online (By Far), I am also the MD. I am a very experienced SEO consultant having previously worked for some large companies such as Flight Centre, Market Force Media, IPC Magazines, Microgen, Oracle and CACI. I also hold monthly talks in local SMB and Business Link meetings here in Hertfordshire where I introduce new and old entrepreneurs as well as business owners to the world of SEO and Web Marketing. I am continually amazed at how many businesses are completely unaware of the massive, rapidly growing customer stream they are missing out on by just burying their head in the sand and completely ignoring the online sector. Online presence of your business is now a definite necessity and is often the main source of income for many businesses. Saying that the internet will take your business to a different level might sound like a cliché, but it is 100% accurate. I hold a BSC Hons Aeronautical Engineering degree which is where I first started getting interested in IT and computer programming. Over the years, as the internet started to gain pace, I became interested in search engine optimisation so that I could further my own, friends and family websites in the various search engines rankings.

Gradually, I became the person to go to for anything related to search engines and in 2001 the MD of the company I worked for at the time, created the first SEO department and asked me to head it. That was my first official SEO position and even though I continued to work within other roles, SEO became my main passion. At Reboot, I tend to be the main contact for most business owners, whether in face to face meetings or over the phone and my previous IT support experience has taught me the variety of skills necessary to match my language to the client’s level of knowledge. Each business is unique with individual needs and every step of the way I ensure the client completely understands the stages and the progress we are making. Some clients like to fully understand what we are doing and we tend to pick up on that and assist where possible. Some clients are climbing the learning curve of SEO and we do our best to help with this by offering workshops and publications. Other clients prefer to train their own staff to gradually take over the routine elements of SEO and we can also help with this. Whatever your levels of experience of SEO, size of your business or your budget we can assist. So, that’s it, you have met the team behind Reboot Online. We hope to meet or speak to you very soon.