Website Marketing - Same as SEO?

There are similarities between search engine optimisation and web marketing but the latter involves more off-page work than the first. Some would say that it is one and the same but there are differences. Web marketing for example does not involve working on proper web site html code and usability. There are pretty much countless ways of marketing your web site on the Internet. As with marketing in other media the web marketing requires knowledge, skill and imagination. Once you can spot the similarities between marketing in different media the things can become easier. We will take a look at a couple of web marketing ideas that are easy and quick to implement. Web marketing of course is not only marketing of your web site but can be effectively used to market existing tangible goods and products.

The first thing each web site owner does is buy banners or text-links on other people’s personal and business web sites. This can be quite effective but considering banner advertisements blindness of today’s users it lost some popularity in recent years. Simple text-links seem to bring better return of investment and in-content links, links that are published within existing content are the most popular today. Those can also help with search engine optimisation.

Social networks are another way to market your web site or product. Millions of people use them on daily basis and targeting those users can be quite lucrative. Twitter, Facebook and other popular social networks are worth a look if you are looking for affordable marketing platforms. If you offer an interesting product or content never seen before you could experience snowball effect and word of mouth will make your goods and/or information quickly popular on social networks and this can bring huge spikes of traffic to your pages on your web site. Baiting also sometimes work but be very careful using baiting in your web marketing efforts.

Article marketing is one of the most popular methods of web marketing. Countless article directories offer free submissions to their sites. Utilising article directories for web marketing is done in two ways - for links building and for direct advertising. Submitting articles for link building is a process where you write about your product or web site and submit to many article directories. This way you put your articles out there and allow them for reprint, pretty much offering content for free. Many web masters will populate their web sites with your articles and in a short amount of time you can have hundreds or even thousands of back links pointing to your pages. Direct advertising using articles is more straight forward. You do not care for back links but you try to advertise your product and/or web site using articles. In both cases it is very important that articles are of high quality and contain useful and up to date information.

Pay per click advertising is another option that you can use in your web marketing strategy. This way you advertise your product and/or web site on numerous pages on the Internet and you only pay if visitors actually click on your advertisement. The most popular pay per click program at the moment is Google Adwords but there are others like InfoLinks and Chitika also worth considering.