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Social Media Services

Social Media

In this age of Social Media Mania, it’s never been more important to use this online resource to expand your company’s reach and grow your business.

Social media is an important tool that can be used to put your company on the map –; and free of charge! Its various outlets allow you to reach existing and potential customers online and provide a simple way to promote products, services, special offers and events to a wide audience.

It is important to have a strong social media presence –; this can be built by updating accounts regularly with interesting, relevant and shareable content that provides real value. Whether you use images, text, links or videos, social media is vital in spreading your company’s message and getting customers to engage and interact with you.

If used in the correct manner, social media can be a fantastic tool to engage with customers in real time with positive and effective results.

The talented social media experts at Reboot can help with all of your social media service’s needs.

Facebook is the world’s largest social network; it’s safe to say if your company isn’t on Facebook, you are missing out on a large number of business opportunities. Facebook allows people to like and share your page, in turn spreading the word about your business and bringing in new customers at the click of a button. Facebook will allow your business to interact with both prospective and existing customers alike; you can share photos, news, videos and blog posts to generate interest. Reviews and comments can also be posted, meaning happy customers can make it known just how much they appreciated your great service/product –; building a fantastic business reputation and leading to yet more custom.

Facebook was used to publicise a survey we put together for one of our clients; using the social media network enabled us to reach a lot of people very quickly –; meaning we got 100 survey responses in a very short period of time and little effort required.

Twitter is the social media network which will enable news of your business to travel to the largest audience possible. Businesses can use Twitter as a tool to help drive traffic to their sites. Unlike Facebook (which uses filters to select how much information is shown to fans) each and every tweet (max 140 characters) will be shown to all your followers in their news feeds. You can also tweet at influencers in your field who you feel would be interested in what you have to say and what your company is doing –; if they then retweet your tweet you will have reached their network of followers, too.

As evidenced, Twitter is an unrivalled way of reaching influencers and those interested in your specific field of work. An example of Twitter used successfully is with our client Vapourlites; we asked for followers to send in ‘Vaping Selfies’ with a view to winning a prize for the best one. This greatly increased interaction and gained followers for Vapourlites.

Google+ is yet another resource that your company should be using in order to reach its maximum growth potential. It is similar to the other social networks, however because of the Google connection, it has an extra search engine optimisation value. Google+ allows you to group friends and followers into Circles making it easier to share content with specific groups of people who you know will be interested in certain subjects. You are also able to share content with people who don’t have a Google+ account –; meaning you can ensure each and every influencer you desire to see your work can do so.

Pinterest is the social media network that is heavily based on images and creating mood boards; it is perfect therefore for companies who have products to sell and wish to display them as aesthetically as possible. Having said that, it is not restricted to product based retailers and is still a beneficial way of advertising your business using photos and infographics.

LinkedIn is a social networking site dedicated to professionals –; and a great way to enhance your company online. Followers are able to keep up to date with your latest news and recommend your business to others and you are able to post blog posts, news, links, photos and videos direct to your follower’s news feeds. It is an excellent way to connect with others in your field and showcase your services.

Instagram is another picture based social networking site, which enables your business to aesthetically display its products and services. Alongside pictures posted, you can feature tags which put your photo into certain categories that people search for –; this means your photo will easily reach the right people and influencers, provided you use the correct tags. Here at Reboot, our social media team have expertise regarding tags and the like, meaning your business will benefit from all that Instagram has to offer.