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SEO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Search engine optimisation is a huge subject and something that takes years of practise and experience to perfect. We are sure that you will have some questions about what our SEO services consist of and how they can help you. Find the answers to some of the most common questions that we receive below.

The most commonly asked questions:

- Why should I invest in SEO over other types of online marketing?

- How much will it cost to rank #1?

- When will my site be number one for my keyword?

- What does 'black hat', 'grey hat' and 'white hat' mean?

- Do you outsource any of your services?

- What are the different types of links?

- What type of links will my site gain?

- Can I rank with links alone?

- Can you provide references?

Why should I invest in SEO over other types of online marketing?

One of the main reasons why you should invest in your website’s SEO over other types of online marketing is because of the return on investment that it can generate.

Whilst other types of advertising can generate instant traffic, they do not immediately turn your website into an asset. The second you stop pushing money into your pay per click (PPC) campaigns the traffic will stop, and sales come to a halt. Whereas with SEO each first page ranking that you secure makes your website more valuable.

Should you completely stop investing in SEO you will retain your rankings for some time. If you wanted to sell your business, you can also attach a firm number to how much the organic traffic your site generates is worth by looking at cost per click (CPC) and search volume data.

How much will it cost to rank #1?

This depends on several factors including how competitive your target keywords are, what skills and resources you have within your own team and if you have had any prior SEO work carried out. As a business owner you need to protect the health and longevity of your website and its ranking by only investing in the highest quality services.

Some agencies claim that they can secure you page one rankings for the low price of £150 a month but you must not be tricked. Traditional SEO packages such as this can only end in three ways:

  • You will never achieve the rankings required to grow your business despite investing in their services for months or even years (yes, we have clients come to us who have been working with an agency for years without seeing any return on their investment!).
  • You will need to invest in further services such as additional link building or content optimisation to see the results that you were initially promised (even in these cases you will likely be charged a lot more than a more honest and higher quality agency would charge and be given a much lower quality service).
  • In our experience the most likely result is that your SEO work will be outsourced to international workers who will use old school, spammy tactics to try and rank your website. Not only will these not be effective, they put your site at serious risk of a Google penalty which can wipe out a sites organic traffic for good.

At Reboot we offer a range of tiered prices so that we can cater to businesses serious about earning first position rankings. We can be flexible with our services so that you can see a return on investment initially before reinvesting into the higher tier services that will be needed to rank for your most competitive and high search volume keywords.

Our years of experience and many successful SEO campaigns allow us to offer an honest and accurate price after we have reviewed your website, the keywords you would like to rank for and the levels of competition in your industry.

Contact us today for a free audit of your website and further details on our services and price options.

When will my site be number one for my keyword?

As SEO specialists we can help you structure your website, content and link profile to give your website the best chance of ranking in the shortest amount of time possible but make no mistake, no one can control Google and offer guarantees on when you will be ranking. Any claims which promise first page rankings in X amount of time should immediately set alarm bells ringing.

How long it will take to rank for your target keyword will depend on the level of competition, where you currently rank and your existing link profile. The SEO strategy for each website must be unique and tailormade which is why an exact date you will be ranking will always be inaccurate.

We can say with certainty that with the right approach and SEO strategy in place, you can see a return on your investment within a matter of months. By targeting a mix of higher search volume, more competitive and more long-tail, low competition keywords you can start generating organic traffic that will convert sooner.

What does ‘black hat’, ‘grey hat’ and ‘white hat’ mean?

The “hats” in SEO refer to a website owners’ approach to their SEO campaign. The tools, tactics and techniques they use to try and secure first page rankings can differ depending on which hat the SEO chooses to wear.

  • Black hat refers to those who choose not to follow Google’s published guidelines. They often engage in risky, large scale, aggressive campaigns designed to secure quick rankings (how effective such tactics can be is heavily debated).

    Such an approach makes it highly likely that your website will receive a Google penalty when the black hat tactics are discovered. Blog comment links, hacked websites and buying links could all be considered black hat techniques.
  • Grey hat SEOs sit somewhere in the middle of within Google’s guidelines and outside of them. They will usually decide how to approach their SEO campaign depending on the website they are working on, the goals they have and the keywords they are targeting.

    Often the tactics used are slightly less risky (when used correctly) but if discovered could still result in a sharp drop in rankings and a penalty. Sponsorship links or putting up high quality yet unnecessary content could be two grey hat tactics.
  • White hat SEO strictly uses techniques and strategies that fall within Google’s guidelines. At Reboot we focus our efforts on white hat SEO because it secures long term success for our clients and when done correctly is simply more effective.

    The white hat SEO won’t engage in any paid link schemes and will ensure that all their content is published for the benefit of their users. They will earn links by publishing such high-quality content that people naturally want to link to it. This is not to say they do not perform outreach for their content, just that any outreach is not done purely to manipulate the search results.

Do you outsource any of your services?

No. We have an inhouse team of technical SEO experts, digital PR journalists, content writers, graphic designers and web developers so we do not have to outsource any of our work.

We can deliver the best work because we have the best team. We can ensure that all work carried out on your behalf meets our strict quality standards and is necessary to get you results.

What are the different types of links?

  • Follow: A follow link is one which passes page rank/link juice to the site being linked to. It tells Google that you trust the site you are linking to. When it comes to SEO and ranking in the search engines, follow links carry the most weight.
  • NoFollow: A nofollow link is where a webmaster or author includes a link but does not want to pass pagerank and/or want search engine spiders to follow the link to the page being linked to. It will be defined using a 'rel="nofollow"' tag in the source code of the link.
  • Mention: A mention is where the author of a page will source or cite another website but will not include a clickable hyperlink to the source itself. Mentions can come in many different forms including URL mentions (the URL of the domain being cited e.g. example.com) and brand mentions (e.g. "research from Brand Name shows...").

Recently, Google introduced some new rel attributes to help webmasters clarify the types of links being published on their website. These new attributes include:

  • Sponsored: The sponsored attribute allows webmasters and/or authors to specify when a link has been placed as a result of a paid advertisement or sponsorship. 
  • User Generated Content: Where a website allows user to submit content and add links to such content, they can now use the rel=ugc tag to let Google know that such links are published by users and not the webmaster/an approved author. These will most likely be seen on forum and/or comment links.

What type of links will my site gain?

We honestly believe that we secure better links than any other SEO company in the UK and we have the proof to back that up. Check out some of our digital PR case studies to see the kind of links earned for our clients and the effect they had. Try asking any other agency to show you the links they earn, you will most likely be met with some excuse about data protection/client confidentiality/some excuse to hide their low-quality links.

Exactly what kind of links you will need to rank will depend on the keywords that you are targeting and the link profiles of your top competitors. We can audit your competitor link profiles and talk you through exactly what links you will need to secure to effectively compete.

Whether your site needs some basic citations created to help people find your local business online or to be featured in top industry and national press, we can help.

Can I rank with links alone?

Whilst even as recent as a couple of years ago you could rank with relative ease with a few high-quality links alone, Google is changing and changing fast. This does not mean that links are any less important and make no mistake, without links of equal or higher power than your competitors you are unlikely to rank. Other areas are also more important than ever to find success in the search results.

You can have 10x better links than your top competitors but if your content is low quality, duplicated or does not match the searcher intent of your target keyword, you can forget ranking. To dominate the SERPs today you need to have the highest quality links, a well-designed/built website and content that searchers will love. Fortunately, we are experts at helping our clients create all of this.

Can you provide references?

Yes, happily. We have many clients who have worked with us for several years and seen tremendous growth in their businesses as a result. Once you have enquired, ask us to provide some references and we will happily do so.

If you want to see some of the results we have achieved for our clients now, you can read some of our case studies today.

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