Questions You Should Always Ask Before Choosing An SEO Company

So, you have shortlisted a few companies and you want to call them up to see how they sound. Here is a list of questions you should ask every single company:

1. Does your link building service include any of the following?

a. Directory Links

b. Blog commenting

c. Paid links

d. Blog networks

e. Profile links

If the answer is yes to any of the above, politely walk away.

2. How many people working in the company?

It is extremely rare for a large company comprising of tens or hundreds of workers to be able to offer you the dedicated and tailored service your company needs. The more layers between you and the actual person doing the work, the less effective the relationship will be. Here at Reboot, you will speak to one of 8 people in the office and only those three. We develop a professional but informal relationship with our clients where we are able to effectively communicate in an efficient yet friendly manner. We really do get to know your business as we see that as an imperative part of being able to deliver an effective website marketing campaign. Having an “account manager” might sound very impressive but in reality it’s just another link in a chain which should be kept as short as possible.

3. Do you offer fixed Package Deals?

Many companies offer fixed package deals on their sites. Think about it. How can someone offer a fixed deal to all businesses where in the real world each business is completely unique? We will not provide you with a quote and price plan until we fully understand your needs and your business.

4. Can you guarantee, in writing, that every link that is built to our site is removable in case there are any problems in the future?

Most of the low quality spammy link building methods we discussed above have something very sinister in common. Not only can they damage your site permanently, they are also impossible to remove. This stems from the fact that these links are often bought from throwaway site owners. I.e. owners of networks of sites that sell links on their sites and then abandon them. They are almost impossible to track down or contact and therefore once the damage is done they are impossible to contact for removal. Google recently sent out thousands of penalty notifications to site owners that have used, or had their SEO companies use these sorts of tactics. In those notices they request that the site owners remove the spammy links before they will reconsider and allow the site to rank well again. I can’t stress enough how important this is. GET IT IN WRITING NOT JUST A VERBAL PROMISE FROM A SALESMAN. Any high quality site which links to yours, will have proper, easily found contact details.

5. Can you provide long term references?

This question really separates the good, proud SEO companies from the high turnover, spam building cowboys. Most will decline to give you this information citing silly reasons such as confidentiality but in reality, it’s because they are unable to provide the information. Yes, confidentiality can be important to a very tiny portion of usually large blue chip companies, but the majority of satisfied customers are only too happy for you to use them as references. If they can’t provide at least 3 good references, walk away.