Links, Adwords and Social Networks

Many experts agree that natural back links, links that other people decide to publish pointing to your web site and pages are best. Search engines results depend on many factors but one of the most important is the number of relevant links pointing back to your page. To achieve popularity among other users and web masters the content on your web site has to be of high quality and interesting enough so that other people decide to link your page from theirs or to mention your page as a reference when discussing on forums and social networks. But sometimes it is just impossible to wait for your web site to become popular and gain natural back links but do not worry, there are some options to put your web site out there.

Link building is one of the popular methods of building back links. Remember, it is always better to have links pointing from a source that is at least somehow relevant-connected to your niche and subject. Sometimes emailing other web masters can work and they will include links to your web site or agree to link exchange. These kind of links can be seen by search engines and will provide you with a higher rank and authority. The beauty of simple text links is also that people trust text links more than banners and are more likely to click on them. Common sense is of course recommended. Do not overuse and abuse link building since it can also bring a penalty to your web site and you will have a hard time gaining trust back from search engines in the future.

There are other options that will put your web site at the top spot in search engines under sponsored listings. The most popular being Google Adwords. With Google Adwords you can bid on your target keywords and if you are among highest bidders your ad will appear in top spots under sponsored ads on search results pages. This is a good way of branding your business, products and web site.

In recent years a great way of promoting web sites are using increasingly popular social networks. Social media is a buzz word on the Internet and everyone is using one social network or another and many even more than one. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are all on the rise at the moment. With millions of users visiting these social networks on daily basis web marketers have a huge basin where they can utilise their marketing techniques. Many social networks also offer paid ads that can be highly targeted and will provide great return of investment. With social networks you pretty much have to stay updated on latest techniques since those can quickly become obsolete. Common sense is needed when using social networks for marketing since their first purpose is not really being an advertising platform.