Researching Campaigns

The most successful link-earning campaigns always come from a good idea; one that has been nurtured and researched methodically.

Having spent so long learning what journalists want, the digital PR team at Reboot have ultimately cracked the nut on journalism; obtaining only the most relevant, latest and engaging data for our client’s online campaigns. Underneath it all, we have a deep understanding of our clients’ field of expertise, so when researching an idea, we try to communicate their goals by tapping into seasonal and national events that may strengthen their position as thought leaders in their industry.

Over the years as a digital PR agency, we have built up a database of dependable and reputable secondary data sources, who regularly produce new and pertinent reports covering a wide range of industry sectors which are applicable to our clients’ niche.

We utilise findings from governmental organisations; not just in the UK, but across the EU, America and wider world to gain unique insights into all topics.


Aside from government data, we source reports from companies that specialise in subjects such as:

  • Motoring

  • Property - residential and commercial

  • Health and nutrition

  • Retail

  • E-commerce

  • Business

  • Sport

Once we find a report or statistical database of interest, we visualise and conceptualise our “angle”; something that would be of interest to journalists once we outreach. We love to come up with new and exciting ways of angling data and challenging ourselves with ideas that are more time-consuming and complicated.

Each team member has an individualised way of producing high-quality content, whether it be from a secondary or primary source of data. However, sometimes an idea we come up with has no existing data or research. Therefore, one of our key strengths is producing our own surveys and experiments. We target core demographics when generating questionnaires, and we allow significant amount of time to pass for results before collating the data.

By demonstrating our abilities to present primary data, our digital PR campaigns become a trusted and reliable asset to journalists and media outlets, who rely on our exclusive content.

Our expert research skills allow us to turn the ground-breaking ideas generated from our PR brainstorming sessions into tangible, link worthy pieces of content which journalists love. Find out how our research could be used to earn you the highest quality links in your industry now by getting in touch.


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