Key Job Description Terms To Know

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When searching for a job in digital PR, it's likely you'll come across a range of job description terms that you haven't heard before. As a digital PR company, we try to be as plain-speaking as possible, but certain phrases are always needed when discussing working in digital PR. Read on to find out what these all-important terms mean. 

General job description terms 


Leadership: Leadership means being able to provide guidance and direction to those within your team, and it is something that is typically required in managerial roles. 

Analytical: Analytical means being inquisitive, methodical and conducting analysis. This is often done whilst finding the right campaign ideas for client strategies, analysing campaign results and interpreting datasets for campaign content. 

Creative: Creativity is the ability to use your imagination to create vibrant, innovative and bold ideas. This is vital in digital PR ideation in particular since this is where you need to share and pitch original and inventive ideas. 

Communication: Communication means the ability to talk to, liaise with and build relationships with others. Within Digital PR, you are often required to communicate effectively with clients, journalists and others in your team. 

Collaboration: Collaboration is the ability to work well with others and draw upon each other’s skills. In digital marketing in particular, various teams work together to achieve results for clients (e.g. content, SEO, social media and digital PR)

Time Management: Time management means having an organised approach to tasks and time, ensuring that deadlines are met, and work is balanced in accordance with KPIs and allocated hours. 

Proactive: Proactive means having a drive and passion for the field, seeking results at every opportunity. 


Digital PR specific job description terms 


Campaigns: Campaigns in Digital PR are often original ideas that are researched and executed into campaigns shared through the process of outreach to gain coverage, links, and visibility. 

Ideation: Ideation is the process of brainstorming and coming up with interesting ideas.

Outreach: Outreach is the process of networking with and sharing your content with journalists and publications. 

Pitching: Pitching is the process of presenting and articulating your ideas. This is often done in digital PR to journalists, clients and management teams. 

Link-building: Link-building is the practice of earning links that point from one website to another, spreading and indicating site authority and reputation.

KPIs: Key performance indicators within digital PR are often gaining certain coverage and achieving a certain number of links from publications with a certain domain authority.