Content Is King

We have talked about search engine optimisation - SEO and web marketing but the most important thing of every web presence is content. A lot of times people argue over the importance of content but let us make something clear - content was, is and will always be King. Nothing will work if you do not provide high quality, accurate and up to date content to your web site visitors and users. A lot of people publish their web sites online and spend all of their time on search engine optimisation and web marketing forgetting about the content. People and business owners advertise their web sites using article directories - article marketing and never update their own sites with fresh content. Sometimes it is better to publish articles on your own web site rather than submitting to numerous article directories. Fresh, high quality and unique content published on your own web pages will win in the long run.

Publishing content is straightforward but there are some things to consider when doing so. Your pages have to be usable. Usability of your content is very important. The structure of your web site needs to be clean and availability of any page on the web site has to be accessible within three mouse clicks, even better with only two mouse clicks. How can we achieve this? Well, it is quite simple. First, by using menus and breadcrumbs. A lot of people forget about the latter but what is easier to navigate than breadcrumbs when you know where you are at any time and you are only one click from the category and home page. Second thing that is also missed but highly important is a site map - not a site map for search engines but a site map for real people where they can see the list of all pages on your web site. The third thing that will make your web site easy to navigate is a high quality search engine. Search forms should be placed on a visible spot on every page of your web site. You would be surprised how many users take advantage of search forms when available.

We already established the fact that content is king. For content to be a king and win the search engines and visitors it has to be unique and well structured. There is no worse factor than unoriginal, poorly rewritten content. Providing high quality content that is interesting and readable is one thing that you should always have bear in mind. Let us repeat again - unique, interesting and informative. This is the content that people look for when surfing the web. Use of paragraphs, bullet points and headings is also important as it enables easy reading for the end users behind computer screens.