SEO Services - Why Choose Reboot?

If you are looking for an SEO company then please take 5 minutes to read this. We are not all the same, and we know our company is special. Here is why: The typical SEO company or agency in the UK work this way: They spend about 90% of their budget on advertising and marketing to get your business and only spend around 10% of the budget and time to actually help you and your business. They do this by offering, what we call unethical services which they subcontract abroad; usually to India.

Unethical Services

If you have looked at some SEO company’s website already, you will no doubt have come across some of these being offered:

Directory Submissions

Where the company will offer to submit your website to lots of directory sites. These are almost always of the lowest quality links you can get. It is also thought that Google can use a large amount of these links as a flag for a manual review of your site. Combined with other such low end tactics, your site is at a great risk of an eventual penalty which will see all of your rankings drop to zero.

Blog Networks

Where the company pays for your link to be included in a blog network. These blog networks are seen as spam by Google and usually end up with a site wide penalty. Recently, Google carried out a major cleanup where over 70,000 sites were penalised for using such blog networks. Make sure yours is not one of them. Blog Commenting – The practice of commenting on blogs with a link to your site where your name should be. This is considered spamming and not only is a stain on the SEO industry; it is frowned upon by Google and can trigger severe penalties on your site.

Profile Links

Again, one of the worst types of links any site can get. These involve the SEO company creating forum profiles and placing a link to your site on the newly created profile. Extremely low value link and considered spamming by any decent SEO professional.


These used to be the staple diet of any SEO campaign. However, today most self respecting SEO professionally stay away from large amounts of this link building method and consider these types of links as low quality. There are very few good quality Article sites and only those are recommended. Even then, today, we only use articles in an extremely small way.

Link Buying

Very simple really. Look for some relevant blogs and ask them to place a link to the target site for money. Usually very easy to spot in a manual review and therefore very dangerous practice. Some offer a mixture of these set up as packages. Often, these tactics work great in the beginning and due to the vast numbers of links they can generate, they can bring on some good results very quickly. Hence, they are very attractive to SEO companies as they can show results to their clients within a short period of time. However, they all share one thing. An imminent and serious danger of something so severe, it can cause your business to close down within a very short period of time. It can earn you a Google Penalty. How do we know so much about this I hear you ask? Well, we see it on almost a daily basis. As part of our Penalty Removal service, we have seen some of the horrendous ‘work’ some of these companies have carried out. We are normally hired by disgruntled ex clients of these companies to try and undo the mess they created. You can read more about this on a different section of our site, but suffice to say that removing a penalty from a site is extremely difficult, time consuming and hence expensive thing to do. Many clients choose to just discard their old website domain name and start a brand new one often throwing away the history and branding they have worked for years to build up. If you are choosing a company now, please, please, be careful. Here at Reboot we don’t use any of the above methods. We carry out our SEO campaigns the way all campaigns should be carried out; organically. We create real campaigns. We give webmasters around the globe reasons to link to your site. We make them aware of you and your services and actually get them to want to link to your site. We use good old fashioned creativity and hard work to come up with a plan, an idea, an opportunity and a purpose so that they want to link to us. We don’t pay for the links we make other sites want to link to your site. We use several techniques which we have tried and tested and they work brilliantly and completely naturally. Just as Google intended.