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Author: Tamir Davies published:
Oct 01st 2018
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Oct 01st 2018
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When Reboot Met Rand Fishkin at BrightonSEO 2018

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Visiting BrightonSEO was a first for the team at Reboot Online. As a digital marketing agency, it’s difficult to see the ROI from such a vast conference, with thousands of marketers alike all attending to reflect and to encapsulate a changing and dynamic digital world. We took three members of staff: Tamir, the Digital PR Manager, Sindhu, the SEO Specialist and Technical Executive and Oliver, our SEO Executive.

This year’s BrightonSEO was themed Back to the Future and Kelvin Newman, the founder of this 3,000-person conference made sure that everyone from data and marketing boffins to newbies of the SEO sphere of influence came away with new nuggets of information that could drive their businesses forward into the future.

The keynote speaker, Rand Fishkin was undoubtedly the man of the moment, and although littered with several technical difficulties, only someone like Rand, AKA Moz could rise above it. Rand started by addressing Google, claiming ‘We had a deal’; implying Google has betrayed the very guidelines that every marketer in the building has been abiding by. Rand was there to shine a light on how Google is taking the opportunity to monopolise its advertising space, removing any opportunity for businesses to benefit from organic clicks. Not only was Rand critical in his opinion and insight into SERP but highlighted where he thinks SEO could be heading over the next decade. Perhaps, not the kind of information you wanted to know at the end of a long day of SEO-related talks, but certainly integral to developing key strategies as time goes on.

The day was jam-packed with endless talks, all split into tracks, and so the three of us were able to take on as much content as possible by attending different talks. Some sound more basic than others, whilst some target more experienced individuals.

Ultimately, whether you are part of the technical SEO team, or representing your digital PR or content marketing team, your task is to create a digital footprint; whether it be through the power of video streaming through YouTube, data collecting as highlighted by Ross Tavendale, or building a killer PR team; the focus for Elli Bishop, Digital PR and Outreach Director at Clearlink.

Here’s what we had to say on the day


BrightonSEO was buzzing with energetic and knowledgeable SEOs all looking to learn as much as possible and share ideas with likeminded people.

I am sure that all other attendees will say that Rand Fishkin’s talk was a real highlight of the event, driving home just how fast-paced and progressive our industry is. There has never been a better time to go to these type of conferences to hear about the tips and tricks that drive results on today’s SERPs.

One talk which was a personal favourite of mine was about Onsite Tech SEO which featured some great speakers offering their thoughts and findings on all things technical. If there was anything to take away from this discussion (and believe me, there was a lot), it was that Barry Adams really wants us all to recognise that “JavaScript, is evil” when it comes to SEO.

Overall, I would say that for the more experienced SEO practitioners and link earners out there, the conference is a nice opportunity to meet some likeminded people and to learn about some areas of SEO that you might not have yet had the chance to explore in more detail. For those who are just beginning to dabble and for those who are a little more advanced you will leave the conference with a wealth of new knowledge and exciting ideas to put into practice.

As you may well have guessed, digital marketing agencies made up the majority of those who attended (although it was great to see some in-house teams attending!). What would be great to see is more in-house teams considering going to the next one even if just helps clarify or iron out how they’re carrying out their own SEO.


BrightonSEO – The most talked about digital marketing event in the UK was something that I was looking forward to attending this year. Whether you are a newbie to SEO or an experienced marketer, this event has been designed to cater for everyone who is passionate about SEO and digital marketing.

Thousands of us gathered eagerly in Brighton Centre waiting to be enlightened about everything and anything digital. Many speakers shared some useful insights that they have gained over the years; most importantly, some also shared their mistakes- which I feel is more valuable to have taken home with me.

My day started early with the Brighton Digital Women Breakfast meet up at the Breakfast Club. It was refreshing to talk to other women from various digital sectors, exchanging ideas and discussing what we hoped we would achieve from the day.

As anticipated I did take home some useful tips from many speakers. For example, the talks by Filli Wiese on page speed optimisation where he shared how to improve the front-end and back-end of a website and how to use this to measure success. More interestingly we had Aleh Barysevich, founder and CMO at SEO PowerSuite, who shared with us his findings from the experiments and research which he conducted; shedding light on how to analyse page speed insights.

Finally, the day ended with Rand Fishkin, the keynote speaker, who stood in front of a crowded auditorium. His speech about “SEO future on SERPs” was something which I felt was going to be the next challenge SEOs will be facing. It was really engaging to understand how to influence searchers to click on our websites as owners of information, competing against Google who is now beginning to answer all queries in SERPs which is preventing users from clicking to any results which is bad news for SEOs.

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