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Author: Shai Aharony last updated:
Oct 19th 2014
Prodding Google’s algorithms just for fun

Yet Another Penguin Iteration – Penguin 3.0

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It’s been 1 year and 11 days since the last Penguin update (Penguin 2.1). Wow… that’s a long time for people to wait and pray that their site will be one of the lucky ones to escape the horrible Penguin algorithm. Not horrible because of what it’s trying to achieve, but horrible because of its harshness and unforgiving nature. After all, many small businesses were affected by that particular Penguin variation; Businesses that were promised white hat SEO but instead had their businesses ruined with no way to redeem themselves apart from waiting for the next refresh. A year, I think most people will agree, without your business appearing in Google is a very long time.

The various forums have been buzzing since yesterday morning when people first started noticing the changes. With nothing official announced from Google themselves, the community is rife with claims and counter claims whether a Penguin update has actually occurred. Well, as we do quite a lot of penalty recoveries here at Reboot, I have asked Kate to show us one of our examples of a client escaping the Penguin chokehold.

Below is a rank tracking graph for a very competitive building company related keyword. This company had some SEO done, got hit by Penguin 2.1 and then progressive got worst as the months went by. Mainly due to the fact that they stopped all online marketing efforts and, later, due to the fact that we started cleaning the site up in an aggressive but relentless manner. I will leave you to make your own judgment whether yesterday was in fact a Penguin 3.0 recovery for this particular client. I personally think it’s pretty clear.

Penguin 3.0 Recovery

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